The next generation of safety and security solutions are designed, constructed, installed, and supported by JMTechnical.

JMTechnical is an established multi-disciplinary engineering company with extensive experience and expertise in design, installation and maintenance, specialising in safety and life critical systems.

We can provide cutting-edge goods and systems for the aviation, food and beverage, fairground and amusement parks and power generations sectors - thanks to a committed, knowledgeable and skilful team of specialists.

We offer maximum return, longevity and the capacity to adapt to the shifting needs of the industry thanks to a proven product line, dependable technical support and high-quality flexible solutions.

JMTechnical is committed to delivering exceptional service which exceeds the expectations of our customers and stakeholders, by adopting an embedded operational excellence ethos.


Get to know how we provide tailor-made solutions for our long lasting business partners,
from design through to installation & life-time support.


Founded by James Williams in 2009 in the UK, JMTechnical now works with world-leading airports and organisations, providing innovative solutions and high-quality goods and services.

James established JMTechnical in 2009 with a core focus on delivering electrical and automation services to clients operating in the food and beverage industry. Initially, our scope primarily encompassed small-scale additions and programming modifications.

In 2012, we took a significant step forward and became a limited company. During that year, we undertook larger-scale projects, specialising in the development of electrical automation systems for our clientele.

By 2015, we started to develop turnkey solutions, delivering our first blank sheet airport security lane. After opening our first manufacturing site, we dedicated our efforts to refining our turnkey solutions.

We made significant strides and deployed our solutions to major airports worldwide, working with our partners to deliver these solutions globally.

In 2019, throughout the pandemic, we directed our attention towards supporting our food and beverage customers, striving to maximise their throughput and improve operational efficiency. Not forgetting about our aviation customers, as part of these efforts, we developed one of the most effective UV disinfection systems, keeping passengers safe – worldwide.

In 2021, we relocated our facility, bringing together our design, construction, and business functions under one roof. This move provided us with a sufficient space and laid foundation for our long-term growth strategy over the next decade.

Additionally, we worked with leading airports, on collaborative projects, introducing tailor-made checkpoint design that revolutionised operational efficiency, throughput, and passenger experience. These innovative products have since been adapted by various major and regional airports, upholding our reputation as the industry leader.