Tailor-made airport security checkpoint solutions, adapted by major leading and regional airports.

JMTechnical offers tailor-made airport security checkpoints that help enhance airport efficiency and passenger experience. Every part of our check points is made in-house, from the very beginning to ensure a result of high-quality and truly custom products, that fit your wants and needs. We can customise the shape, colour, material and the size of our security lanes to fit perfectly into the space available.

Our security lanes have been successfully trailed at various major and regional airports, proving a product that line that provides a seamless and efficient process, for both airports and passengers.


JMTechnical has revolutionised the way airport security checkpoints function. Every part of the security lane is designed and made in-house. This process ensures fully customisable options which return a high-quality product able to meet airport demands.

Read more about some of the benefits below.


Made from stainless steel - our airport security checkpoints are of high quality and durability.


Our airport security checkpoints and its components have a 15-year year shelf-life from the point of installation

Artificial Intelligence

Equipped with AI technology helping the airport security system meet customer's demands in full.

High tray throughput

Our airport security checkpoints sustain a high tray throughput, excess of 800 trays per hour.

Recycling power

Our airport security checkpoints have been designed to save and recycle power where possible.


Our airport security checkpoints are integrated with intelligent software, providing real time data.


1. Divest

Unlocking the next step in lane performance, we have introduced technologies that allow the lane to sustainably perform. Options are available to multiple divest areas that have been fully automated to process passengers faster, increase divest time by over 10% without impacting performance and reduce manual handling.

2. Detection

Our airport security lanes have been equipped with Artificial Intelligence, using multispectral approach. They not only feature tray tracking systems but also RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track all trays throughout the time on the lane - providing real time data and X-ray images that are collected from all security lanes and delivered to a team of operators for decision making.

3. Decision & Divert

Lanes are provided with a diverter, so trays that show a potential hazardous item will automatically be diverted to the rejection lane. The system will notify the security operator who can then inspect the item. The tray will remain within the reject lane until the operator has manually removed the passenger item.

4. Back-end

If the tray does not pose a threat, it will be automatically directed to the clean zone, ready for the passenger to collect their belongings. Once the passengers' belongings are collected - the tray will automatically return to the divest area, using our Auto Return Tray System, ready to be used again.


Our team of airport specialists are here to help

If you are looking for a fully custom, innovative airport security checkpoint solutions, email us on and one of the members of the team will be in touch to discuss your wants and needs and how JMTechnical can help.