Cutting-edge technologies


At JMTechnical, we harness a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics and Automation, to get ahead in the development of manufacturing ground-breaking products and revolutionise various industries.

Our commitment lies in delivering advanced and innovative product lines to sectors such as aviation, food & beverage, theme park and power generation. This commitment is made possible through the seamless integration of a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, Cybernetics and Automation into our products.

By leveraging the capabilities of AI, Cybernetics and Automated systems, we provide our clients with numerous benefits, including reduction in operational cost and meeting production demands.

Our approach ensures that the products we manufacture are constantly adapting and evolving, as the technology advances. This in return enables JMTechnical to deliver unparalleled value to our clientele.

''As technology grows, our products adapt & advance.''

Cutting-edge technologies

Artificial Intelligence

A convolutional neural object detection network that is designed to detect objects in images. The algorithms performs detections which can be used to guide passengers and/or items without oprator intervention.
Cutting-edge technologies


Used to structure our systems so that its actions are communicated with the control signals. We can achieve this by using a feedback-based automatic control system that can recognise what actions need to be monitored, what needs to be amended and how to best alter it.
Cutting-edge technologies


Automated systems that can integrate with existing business software, providing long-term innovative solutions. Through automation, JMTechnical's products can save on operator cost, production time, increase value and keep up with customer demand.


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